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Welcome to SCImages


Vintage photographs that I come across increasingly impress me! In an age of digital photography and videography, it is amazing just how many great, enticing, unusual and erotic photographs exist from yesteryear. I have decided to explore this more thoroughly and I am going to include many of these vintage pictures in the headliner and blog articles of this website. Scanned from the internet and else ware, these are relevant to the golden age of film photography from the 1880's to the 1990's, including ancient autos, aeroplanes, advertisements, family portraits, street life, nude female models and pinups, from that era as well as more recent times.

Woodstock nude girl

Click on the image to get a magnified view of this now vintage photo of a shapely and very naked Woodstock Festival girl and her companion in 1969. Ahhh that was the summer of love!


Now as to what I do! I specialize in the digital restoration of damaged old photographs, negatives, slide transparencies and documents. Your special family antiquities can be salvaged by digitally scanning the objects and then by utilizing state of the art computer software, correct the deficiencies and print onto modern materials.

Is There Anything To Eat Mum?

Posted on Jan-17-2017 by Admin   |   

Fodd ration in 1951 Britain

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Most people today have heard of the severe hardships that ordinary civilians underwent during the Second World War. But what is not well known or remembered is that rationing went on, at least for some items, for years after the war ended. When the polsters Gallup, in 1947, asked the British public what would be their no-expense-spared fantasy meal it came back as:

Sherry, tomato soup, sole, roast chicken with roast potatoes, peas and sprouts, trifle and cream, cheese and biscuits and coffee.

It was a large meal and a lot of food but that’s not particularly surprising after all the deprivation and food shortages in Britain during and after the war. To our tastes, the menu might seem a little unimaginative and plain however, two years after the war, a meal like that for most people was only remotely possible in some kind of dream!

In fact, food in the immediate post-war years was often more strictly controlled than during the actual war itself! For instance, bread was rationed only for the first time, during the years of 1946 to 1948 and indeed potatoes briefly during 1947. Tea was still rationed until 1952 and then the only in 1953 did sugar and eggs became freely available, as did finally cheese and meats in 1954, a full nine years after the war ended. Oddly though, cigarettes were never rationed in Britain!


Posted on Dec-28-2016 by Admin   |   

Nude Christmas Girl


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Vintage Selfie!

Posted on Dec-11-2016 by Admin   |   

Hermann Krone 1858

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The above vintage photograph is of Hermann Krone entitled Self portrait with photography equipment, 1858! Hermann Krone (14 September 1827 – 17 September 1916) was a photographer from Saxony, Germany, who was born in Breslau. Krone's father was a lithographer and he began an apprenticeship with him and produced his first calotype and daguerreotype photographs in 1843. He married Clementine Blochmann and had four children.

He went on to open a studio in Leipzig in 1851 and one in Dresden in 1852 specializing in landscape photographs of Saxony and Switzerland. In 1855 he started working with collodion dry plates and in 1869 he established a publishing house and in 1872 completed a photo book with views of 142 cities in the Kingdom of Saxony. He went on a journey to the Auckland Islands in 1874 to observe the passage of Venus in front of the sun and returned home via Australia and India. Krone published a compilation of his poetry in four volumes between 1899 and 1902 and also published The Standard Photographic Methods Retaining their Practical Value Forever and established a museum of photography.

On The Move!

Posted on Dec-04-2016 by Admin   |   

Moving Day circa 1920

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Moving Day in Union City, Michigan! Taken from the Bicentennial 1976 booklet at the Union City Public library, the picture, estimated to have been photographed in the early 1920's, is titled "Ed Lincoln and his truck". The truck, pictured moving a family's possessions, is stopped at the corner of Broadway and Allen Streets with Soldiers Park and the Congregational Church in the background. By the look of the leafless trees and dreary wet weather, it appears to be either late fall or early spring time.

Moving Day was a tradition in New York City dating back to colonial times and lasting until after World War II. On February 1, sometimes known as "Rent Day", landlords would give notice to their tenants what the new rent would be after the end of the quarter. The tenants would spend good-weather days in the early spring searching for new houses and the best deals and on May 1st all leases in the city expired simultaneously at 9:00 am, causing thousands of people to change their residences, all at the same time!

Moving Day (French: jour du déménagement) is also a tradition (but not a legal requirement) in the province of Quebec, dating from the time when the province used to mandate fixed terms for leases of rental properties. It now falls on July 1, which is also Canada Day.

A Femme Fatale!

Posted on Nov-13-2016 by Admin   |   

Mata Hari

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Mata Hari is considered one of the most notorious spies in history and was a very tragic figure in real life. Born Margaretha Geertruida Zelle in the Netherlands on 7 August 1876, her early life was privileged and comfortable. However, after the death of her mother in 1891 and the decline of her father's business, Zelle left home aged 18 and soon married a much older man and moved to the Dutch East Indies island of Java. Unfortunately it was an abusive relationship which produced two children, a son who died at two from some form of poisoning and a daughter who died at 21, possibly from complications relating to syphilis!

Zelle moved back to Europe in 1903 and began performing in Paris under the name of Mata Hari (Malay meaning "Eye of the Dawn") as an exotic dancer in 1905. She instantly won acclaim for her near-naked performances, which were quite risque for the time. By the time World War I had broken out in 1914, she had retired from dancing, but it was at that point she was blackmailed, by the French, to use her seductive powers to spy on Crown Prince Wilhelm, eldest son of the German Kaiser. However Zelle it seemed, became a double-agent by promising to spy for the Germans, although this later was found to be dubious in nature. The French eventually uncovered her in a sting operation and a sensational, though extremely one sided, trial unfolded. Zelle was convicted and executed by firing squad on 15 October 1917, and it was said that Mata Hari refused to be blindfolded and even blew a defiant kiss toward the firing squad!

In hindsight, it appears Mata Hari was more a scapegoat of the French failures during the war, rather than any damage she had done as a spy. Many historians believe she was, an unfortunate pawn caught in the horrors of war, rather than a "femme fatale"!

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